Carpet Vs. Hardwood



So for my fellow mamas out there you will understand my dilemma here.

As a lover of interior design and all things decor I love a good wood

floor. I love the sleek look, the easy to clean up aspect of it as

well as the fact that it's like a little black never goes

out of style and can go with anything.


But as a mama to a little guy who is starting to crawl and walk around

the house I have to worry about falls. I have suddenly become a hyper

obsessed safety freak. I worry that him falling on the wood floors

will bruise his head, break a bone or knock out one of those cute

little teeth. So I am leaning towards throwing in some carpet to give

my little man a snuggly place to fall.


My only problem is that I don't know if I can handle the cleaning and

can live with a solid color for more than a few months.


Have any of you gone through a similar situation? And if so, what did

you decide on?