Bunnies, Lions & Bears, Oh My! My Halloween Costume Ideas for Brooks


brooks stuber halloween bunny bear halloween

Before little Brooks gets old enough to pick out his own costumes, I thought I’d take advantage of my position as his mother and put him in the ones I thought were adorable! I have to admit, I went a little costume crazy at the store, and loaded up my shopping cart with a million different options for Brooks. Then I reigned it in a bit and narrowed it down to my three favorites, with some help from Scott of course. I managed to leave the Halloween store with three different options, but now Scott and I are at a loss, unable to choose the best costume for Brooks' second experience trick or treating.

So the question is: bunny, bear, or lion?

brooks stuber lion halloweenSince Brooks can’t tell me which one he wants to wear, how about you help me decide? Tell me everything about which is your favorite costume for my Brooksie!

Leave me a comment below or Tweet at me using #brookshalloween so I can make a decision based on your votes!