Brooksie Boo’s 2nd Birthday Party!!!


My dearest sweetest boy turned two! As momma and daddy, we couldn’t be prouder.  Scott and I are so blessed to have the most amazing and precious angel of heaven.  We love every day with Brooks.  It is simply magic.


I’m a southern girl and Momma loves a good party.  Entertaining is in my blood.  I love having the opportunity to enjoy life, good food and good times with your nearest and dearest. Brooks 2nd birthday party was the epitome of a perfect day. I’m so excited to share with you the details of Brooks’ party.

As far as planning, I knew one thing for sure - a certain monkey had to be invited.


Brooks is Curious George crazy.  “The monkey” (what Brooks calls him) was well represented.  We had a make your own big yellow hat station and incredible cute yellow hat cake pops. I’m giving you the recipe in Us Weekly. (Go pick up your copy or check out the details here!)


Beside our primate pal, Curious George, I knew we wanted to have a ton of great activities all the kids would enjoy.  There is really nothing better than having our house filled with a herd of wild children having a blast!  The kids all had a rocking good time.  Boone, Ford and Atticus pictured below were definitely the ambassadors of fun.  I mean, I can almost hear their giggles now!

Don’t even get me started on the cake.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice flavor for artistry, but I can tell you definitively (maybe I had more than one piece) that this cake did not disappoint on ANY level. The cake was almost the size of Brooks. Brooks was definitely in monkey heaven. The Butter End are amazing cake creators!!


What is a monkey’s favorite thing to eat??  BANANAS!! And let me tell you we had that angle covered… in chocolate!!!  Oh my goodness we had the yummiest for your tummy frozen bananas provided by Hannah's Bananas. I’m going to tell you MUCH more about them next Monday.


What do big and little humans eat?!? Great food provided by Gavan Murphy. You may recognize Gavan from our recent grilling lessons about veggies and chicken and beef. I will share more about the lovely eats next week and  Gavan has graciously agreed to share some more of his recipes with us!!


It wouldn’t be a party for Brooks Stuber if we didn’t have bubble action and lots of it!  They had giant pools soapy suds that made even more gigantic bubbles.


We had face painting that was awesome.  I sat next to a little girl during the party that had her face painted as a tiger.  She kept growling at me!!  Talk about owning your spirit animal!!


 To say we had someone making balloon animals doesn’t do it justice.  How about I say balloon magnificent creatures… I was amazed.


Our friends at Yoobi not only helped us out on our yellow hat station, but they provided FAB gift bags for all the kids.  I’m OB-sessed with Yoobi. They are a new school supply company that gives back to a classroom in need with every purchased made.  We will be doing a giveaway of some of their amazing products tomorrow!!


Juice me, Baby!  Suja cold pressed organic juices were the perfect beverage answer for adults and children alike.  I taught Brooksie the ropes of being a good host and the importance of hydrating while he worked the crowd!

Quick Tip:  Fill galvanized steel buckets with ice and use them as self- service drink stations.  They look great and make your job as hostess with the mostess even easier!


My benchmark for a successful kids party is a harmonious balance of kids having a blast as well as their parents having a good time too. We had eats that both and kids and adults would love as well as some themed cocktails at the ready for the mommies and daddies.

Of course my number one priority was my Brooks, but as you can see by all the photos he was in monkey heaven.  Look closely and you can see his adorable banana pants that Big Momma (my mom) gave him. It truly was an amazing incredibly memorable day.  Stefanie Cove (follow her on Instagram - @stefcove) and the entire YOA productions team thank you. You guys all rock!!  Thank you Gia Canali for taking such amazing pictures as always.  I wonder what Brooks will be into next year?!?!