Brooks' Fashion Week


molly sims crocs brooksLet's face is fun!!! I love everything about shopping. Searching through the racks, finding that perfect pair of skinny jeans and the total elation when you get a good deal. But in my mommy years I've learned that shopping for your little one is just as much fun as shopping for yourself. I love taking my little Brooks to various stores and watching him gravitate towards his fav items. His #1 shop pick is the Crocs store. He loves the squishy feel of the shoes, the color combos and the little charms you can adorn your pairs with. With the variety of color combinations, this store is endless!! Today we stopped by the Crocss in NYC. Brooks decided he needed a little Fashion Week too. After trying on lots of pairs, then mixing and matching the adornments, we ended up with the perfect pair of shoes.

Happy momma and happy baby. Fashion Week for Brooks ... success!

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