Bring The Vacation Home



So a lot of my girlfriends are coming back from vacation and having the "I'm home" blues. I totally get it. There is nothing worse than heading home after an amazing weekend in the Hampton's only to realize that you do live in the real world and do have real responsibilities in life other than making smores and drinking a great bottle of wine.



I was talking with one of my bests last night and we discussed how awesome it would be if you could incorporate the island life with your daily life. You could slow down and take things as they come rather than anticipating the crazy ball of fire (i.e.: work) headed your way.



You can be friendly to everyone. Who knows, your neighbors might not be that bad? And you can try to eat locally with locally sourced food to evoke the feeling of living from the land.


There are so many things that I am going to try to start incorporating into my daily life to help me slow down, relax and enjoy the moment. Do you guys have any tricks of bringing vacations home?



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