Hair How To | The Boxer Braid

News flash: braids aren’t just for little girls. They’ve quickly become Hollywood’s favorite hairstyle! Thank you, Kim Kardashian! For every personal aesthetic, there’s a braid. I personally love the boxer braid, which is a tighter version of the classic French braid.

I’m a huge fan of this braid technique because it can truly be dressed up or down. It all depends on what you wear! If you want a casual or bohemian look, the braid can be paired with a breezy dress and sandals. Want to rock the braid on a night out? It gives an even edgier look to a leather jacket and boots. In other words, it’s extremely versatile! And if we’re going to be honest here—it’s also great for people who hate washing their hair every day. If the style is done right, it can stay for a couple days!


The actual braiding can be pretty intimidating for some. But, trust me—practice makes perfect. I’ve sat in front of my mirror many nights with a glass of wine in hand practicing. This look can be done on short hair, too. But for this shot, I decided to switch it up with my extensions. No matter what length—the directions stay the same.

Now it’s your turn! Here’s a step-by-step on how to master this style favorite:


All you’ll need is: a fine tooth comb + hair ties + hairspray + bobby pins (just in case) + a handheld mirror to check your work.



Split hair in half down the middle using a fine-tooth comb to achieve a straight line.


Clip away one side of hair. On the unclipped side, grab the section of hair at the top of your head and divide into three equal sections and start braiding from the top.


Continue braiding until there is no hair left. Repeat on the other side.



Lightly spray braids with hairspray or texturizing spray.


For a slightly more casual look, gently pull apart the braid to create a messier look. And you’re done!

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