How Hair To: The Boho Braid


I love, love, love to change up my look. I’ve literally had every hairstyle imaginable for editorial shoots, runways, and red carpets. I definitely have my favorites. Whatever the event, one of the styles will fit the bill. I have them down pat and if I can do them ... so can you!

With that said, it’s always fun to have a style in your back pocket that’s a little different and unconventional (AKA your wild card look.) This braid is part nymph and part bohemian princess. I love pairing this style with a floral boho dress. It’s that done/undone look to perfection!


Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for this effortlessly sexy boho braid:

STEP 1: Split hair down the center and put in two pigtail braids on each side

STEP 2: Grab the first braid and secure it to the top of the head with small bobby pins in the nearest shade of your hair. Place the pins at both the front and back of the braid. Depending on how thick your hair is, you may use between six and twelve pins for each braid

STEP 3: Take the second braid and secure it to the top of the head in the same fashion, creating the “halo” on the head

STEP 4: Tuck the ends of the braid underneath the hair and pin to set, creating a halo on the head with the braids For a less polished feel-work the braid a bit and gently pull/stretch it out

STEP 5: To finish, pin any part of the braid that doesn’t feel secure and then pull a few strands out around the front to frame the face.

Have fun with this look! It can be glam and vampy (wear with merlot lip), or very Coachella (add a flower crown), or romantic and girly (pink cheeks and rose gloss.)

Want more braid inspiration? Here are some of my favorite links to get you started: