Blow by Blow: The Secrets to Mastering the Perfect Blow Out at Home

Ladies! When it comes to beauty maintenance, what’s the first thing on your mind in the morning everyday? I’m always thinking, why didn’t I get a BLOW OUT? I MEAN … c’mon there is a lot less pressure on the cuteness of your outfit if your hair is freshly blown out, sweeping off your shoulders into the wind like you’re in a Tresemme commercial! But let's be honest, this just cannot happen everyday and I’m getting a little tired of my top bun. Sadly enough, sometimes the blow out appointment falls to the end of the SUPER MOMMA to do list.

So I decided to call in the fabulous Adriana Tesler to show me and you just how to achieve that flawless Tresemme hair on my own! Not to mention with all the money you'll be saving from those weekly/bi-weekly blowouts, maybe you can buy a new pair of shoes that will match that bounce in your step when you walk out with your fresh DO IT YOURSELF BLOW OUT! This can be done on wet or dry hair.

Step 1 : If your hair is dry, make sure you prep it with some thermal protection so it doesn’t get too dry or damaged. Tresseme makes a great one that you can just pick up at the drugstore.


Step 2: Separate your hair into four parts using clips. One left front section, a right front section and two sections in the back evenly.

Step 3: Always work from the bottom to top starting from the two back sections. Take your round brush and press it under your roots, holding it up at a 90 degree angle. Then move it through to the ends over and over until piece is dry or until you achieve desired look. For full body look, wrap hair all the way around the brush.

Step 4: After about 5 seconds of heat, take the brush away and let the coil cool. Take a bobby pin and secure the round formation of the hair.


Step 5: For each four sections, remove the bobby pins and smoothen with a soft bristle brush.

Step 6: Add a little extra bounce with light back combing at the roots of where the sections were. Do not tease your hair. Simply create a more voluminous hairstyle.

For more secrets and hair care, make sure to check out Adriana on her Instagram!

#SupermodelSecret: Make sure you get some great finishing spray or oil to top off your new hair. My fav, fav, fav is Moroccan Oil in light to get that great shine, and it smells perfectly de-lish! Remember only use one dime sized drop, cause you want that blow out to last you through the weekend!