Beauty From Overseas | Korea

In my years of modeling internationally, I learned a thing or two about beauty products and their unique ingredients from overseas. And, I’ll admit it. These countries (especially Korea) are onto something regarding skincare. I’ve always been the type who’s open to try anything and everything when it comes to beauty.This is even the more the case when it comes to the customs of the culture at hand.

Koreans are known for their skincare routine and rituals. Beauty to the culture means flawless, glowing skin as it radiates health and well-being. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, I have to do my skincare routine,” it’s more of a must and completes the healthy lifestyle.

If you’re into experimenting in all things beauty, check out Insider Beauty. It’s an online marketplace to discover all the AH-mazing ingredients and products you’ve maybe never heard about. Warning—once you log on, you’ll be browsing for hours! From snail extract to seaweed, Korean skincare ingredients are dull winter skin’s worst enemy. Here are some of my favorite finds:


Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder

Powder for cleanser? Stick with me here, people. This sparkling mineral cleanser is like a hot springs dip for your face. Carbonated face powders are all the rage right now in Korea and I’m seriously into it. The fizzing bubbles remove impurities and leave your skin AB-solutely glowing.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I’m all about getting the most out of my beauty sleep. The amount of creams and treatments that get to work once you doze off to dreamland is truly incredible. When I first found this lip sleeping mask from Laneige—just the scent itself got me hooked. The Vitamin C Berry Mix (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, gojiberries, and coffee berries) along with the Evening Primrose Oil helps moisturize as well as extract contaminants from the day.


TONYMOLY Kelp Mask Sheet

Seakelp may not sound glamorous but its mineral and antioxidant benefits make it super smoothing and moisturizing to winter skin. I’ve always loved sheet masks for how amazing they make my skin feel. They are easy to apply and provide more of a glow than their cream counterparts.


Leaders Insolution Baby Soft Foot Mask

I am OB-SESSED with these Baby Soft Foot Masks. I’m not joking—your feet have never felt so good. I throw these babies on after a day in heels and it’s absolute heaven.


Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

Of all the AH-mazing ingredients introduced to us by Korea, snail slime is one of the best. I know—it sounds super unattractive but it’s a hell of an ingredient for dull skin. This sleeping mask is a night cream and mask in one that helps provide intense hydration and regenerative properties by morning.

Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk

When it comes to lip gloss, I’m pretty picky. I hate that sticky, gooey texture that some glosses have. It’s hard to pick one that has a nice moisturized gloss but still gives you some color. Peri’s Tint Milk smells like yummy rose and shea butter, which gives you a nice moisturized finish.


Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream

Um, how cute is this?! It not only smells like a tropical island but it leaves your hands silky smooth. Plus…you’re never too old to carry a panda lotion in your clutch right? Right.

Miss Flower Mr. Honey Essence Oil

During the winter season, I get those annoying dry patches on my face. This makes getting a good base to put makeup on super frustrating! Face oils are great for this because they sink into the deep layers of the skin rather than just sitting on the surface. This Royal Jelly and Honey oil creates the perfect, dewy glow.


Sum 37 Melting Cleansing Balm

If you’re in need of a great makeup remover, this is a great option. It’s super thick for dry skin but melts into oil. It’s a great way to deep cleanse your face while not drying it out.


Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs

These capsules are GENIUS for traveling. They are TSA-approved size and carry some serious pack in their punch. Innisfree has multiple options for every skin type including kelp seaweed mask, yogurt mask, and volcanic pore clearing masks. Throw these in your suitcase and you’re good to go!