3 Step Beach Waves For Short Hair

Beach waves are definitely my go-to. I love that "done/undone" look! It looks effortless and with a little practice--it becomes effortless. All it takes is 3 easy steps!

I'm showing you my tutorial today on my YouTube channel. Click the video below to check it out! 

STEP 1: It's all about the prep. When you blow-dry, make sure to use a round brush.  Before starting to curl, mist a wave spray on your hair or something with a little salt. I like using Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Beach Hair Mist. Ouai Haircare makes a great wave spray, too!

Spray dry shampoo on the roots to give even more texture. My makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, recently introduced me to a brand called Octavio, which has a great dry shampoo. Once you let dry and set, brush your hair out a few times. I like using the old school Mason Pearson brush--but any brush will do.

STEP 2: For the ultimate beach wave, part down the middle. If you prefer a side part, do that. It's whatever you're comfortable with. Now it's time to curl! I love using a one-inch curling wand for this look. I use the one-inch ceramic wand from Enzo Milano. With the wand in your right hand, start in the front. Take a small piece of hair so it's manageable and flatten it out with your fingers. Gently wrap hair around the back of the wand and leave the last inch of hair out. This gives it that beachy look!

Repeat on each strand. Wand ALWAYS in the back! Hold for about 5-7 seconds.

STEP 3: Once your curls are complete, spray a little dry shampoo on the ends while the curls are still pieced. Then, brush through your hair with either your hands or brush. I like to spray some hairspray on the brush and loosen out the waves. For hairspray, Ouai and Orlando Pita Play have great light options.

If you have flyaways, finish your look off with some balm. I like putting a dab of Kerastase Touche Perfection or Lenor Greyl Serum on my hands to run through my ends or where it's needed.

I love hearing from you guys. Please subscribe to my channel here and let me know if you have any beauty tips and tricks you'd like to send my way! 

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