Balancing It All: Sharing My #SupermodelSecrets as AOL StyleList's Guest Editor

I’m so, so, so excited to announce that I'm the AOL StyleList editor this week! You all know that I AB-solutley love sharing all of the #SupermodelSecrets I’ve learned from years in the modeling, fashion and entertainment industries.  I hope these help you feel like thebest you, everyday.  

Along the way I learned that if you look good, you feel good… and everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. My life changed a lot in a short period of time: I got married, had a baby, turned 40, and kept up my cuh-razy schedule of work and travel. If I thought life was busy before ...  now I really know there are never enough hours in the day!


I’m not one to sacrifice my style, beauty routine and staying healthy just because life gets crazy ... and neither should you!

I’ve always been the “go to” gal that all my girlfriends reach out to for advice - from fashion to beauty to healthy tricks and everything else. Because I love, love, love sharing all my tips and tricks, I hope I can show you how to balance it all - being happy, healthy and hot, while juggling a sippy cup, a husband, work, travel AND stilettos.

Stay tuned to my AOL StyleList editor page this week for advice on everything from my newest fashion OB-sessions to the toys Brooks is currently loving!