Baby on Board: Entertaining Brooks in Flight

molly sim Plane Entertainment 2 Any parent knows the adventure you embark upon when you take your children on an airplane.

There's the sheer task of packing - making sure you have each and every item your little boy or girl may want - followed by the long trek from check in to security, and thats all BE-fore you get on the plane.

Since I go back and forth between New York and Los Angeles quite a lot for work and to visit friends, I feel like I've mastered the art of keeping Brooksie Boo happy during the 5+ hour flight across the United States.

It's all really a matter of endless entertainment.

molly sims brooks stuber Plane Entertainment

Of course, the ideal situation would be that Brooks naps for the majority of the flight but that would be way, way, way to easy. OB-viously.

As soon as we're situated in our seats, I bring out all his trucks. Yup, each and every one of them. Brooks is OB-sessed with trucks, farm animals, and tractors so theres are sure to entertain him for quite some time. When he's moved on from driving them across the tray tables and into my lap, I offer up my iPad, where I've downloaded a selection of his fav, fav, fav shows, including The Adventures of Chuck and Friends.

Two episodes in, Β Brooks is on the move again. By this time in the flight though, I'm ready to walk around as well, so we start walking up and down the aisle, over and over and over again. Since Brooks is a bit of a talker ... I wonder where he got that from ...! he easily (attempts) to chat up the flight staff, making friends with the lovely ladies and gentlemen taking care of us on the plane. Once that source of distraction has become boring, it's back to the beginning with the trucks, starting the process all over again till we land!

What are your secrets for entertaining your little boy or girl while on flight or long car rides?

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