Baby on Board: Brooks' Must Haves

As my Brooksie Boo changes from a baby to toddler, he's so, so, so much more aware of what he likes, what he loves, and what he AB-solutely does not like at all. It's fascinating to watch your child become a person with their own ideas and feelings towards certain things. For all the mommas and mommas to be out there, here are a few of Brooksie's fav, fav, fav items and things he can't live without!

  • Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever has hundreds of pictures and words for Brooks to help him learn! He spends so much time looking through it. His favorite page? Trucks!!
  • For the messy toddler on the go, get Neat Solutions Table Toppers! After a dinner out with Brooks, we can throw  away when we're done. It’s a fast clean up … and best of all the restaurant won’t hate us!
  • I take the Inglesina Fast Table Chair everywhere! I even use it on my kitchen island. It's easy to carry, totally collapsible and it makes him sit still!
  • The Motorola Blink1 wifi video camera for remote viewing with iPhone is my favorite app to use when I am traveling or working outside of the home.  I can see him anytime/anywhere and just check in. I can even talk to him too…its a mother’s dream!”
  • Brooks cuddles with his Jellycat Bashful Tiger everyday!  It is so soft, cuddly and cute, makes for a great gift too!”
  • Love love love the lavender of EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray! The spray conditions your skin as well as sanitizes. It also looks great, I’m loving the packaging!
  • We love the MAN TGA Rar loading garbage truck (green-white) Brueder Trucks because they come in great colors, they are big enough for him to push around on the ground and are indestructible! Its also a “recycling truck” so we can teach him the importance of preserving our environment!
  • Brooks is into everything and he can never sit still! So, the MD Moms Sunscreen Wipes are perfect to apply- and GO. Easy to use with no fuss, and before you know it, its back to playtime!
  • Brooks has the Sylar Luna Star Top and Bottom in red with silver stars. When you wash them, they get softer and softer!  I can’t even handle how cute he looks for bedtime!
  • I love Melissa and Doug! Their Prehistoric Sunset Learning Puzzle are perfect for toddlers, they are made of wood and super sturdy.  Brooks love the bright colors and the dino theme!”
  • Playing dress up has never been so fun! I’m loving the soft Knit Wild Thing Crown that won’t irritate his skin. He is my prince and he has a crown to show it!