Giving Good Gifts: Baby Gift Heaven Part 1

After the birth of my delicious baby Scarlett, I was SO lucky to have received such adorable gifts. One thing about being a new momma is you never know how much you will need. We definitely appreciated all the love and gifts!

As a first time momma to a girl, I love dressing my precious baby up in the cutest outfits. When shopping for a baby gift, there are two routes to choose from. You can go practical (one can never have enough onesies or burp cloths or this can be a time to really step out and get something fabulous! I mean, let’s be honest, you can never start fashion TOO young!


This set from Bonpoint is perfect for springtime. It might be a little pricey but a girl can dream!


American Apparel makes the comfiest clothes for adults…and babies, too! This layette is perfect for a lazy day. Brooks agrees…baby sisters ROCK!


These sparkly dresses from Stella McCartney are simply amazing. They are perfect for the little princesses in your life. {Dress #1: //Dress #2}


I am absolutely obsessed with these moccasins from Freshly Picked. They are made out of 100% leather and come in many colors and prints to choose from. I’m convinced there’s nothing cuter than little baby feet in moccasins.


Looking for something unique and fun? I love this watermelon layette from Eggy. It’s absolutely perfect for warmer weather. Is it picnic season yet? See similar here.


Breezy dresses and bloomers are an easy go-to. This set from Mayoral is a great example. See similar here.


Marc Jacobs has the most unique baby gifts around. This Tomato onesie is simple yet still makes a statement. Isn’t that all we ask for? See similar here.


I received these homemade pattern leggings from a friend of mine that I treasure. She has a store on Etsy, which is the best for homemade gifts. I definitely recommend you check it out!


Who doesn’t love The Princess and The Pea? My dear friend and makeup artist, Gianpaolo, found this toy set at Bluetree NYC. It’s by a brand called MailegBluetree is one of my favorite shops in NYC. From gifts to clothing to bags, to just about anything under the sun this store has it covered. The amazing Phoebe Kates is the owner of this chic emporium.

This “Shit Just Got Real” swaddle scarf from Coveted Things is hilarious. Nothing wrong with adding a little humor into momma’s life. It doesn’t ALWAYS need to be baby appropriate. They also have a whole line of sweetly worded swaddles, too!


If you sew or love to DIY, the simple act of gifting something from the heart is priceless. I absolutely loved this sign made by my friend, Suzy Tervet. She actually made this banner out of vintage French book pages. How creative, right?! You can email her ( for your own custom creation. Down to DIY? Here are a bunch of ideas on my Pinterest page on how to make your own.

Happy Gifting! Xo