Prevent Stretch Marks While You Eat


Stretch marks. As you moms out there already know, they’re very common during pregnancy and they’re not fun. While there are tons of uncontrollable factors that determine whether or not you’ll develop stretch marks (things like genetic predispositions, skin color and skin elasticity) there are a few things you can do to help prevent them too. And get this: If you really want to avoid stretch marks, you should be taking preventative measures long before you’re even pregnant!


One key to preventing stretch marks is good nutrition. I’ve been working with Lori Bregman and her Rooted for Life program for mommies-to-be, and she put me on a diet full of good fatty acids as soon as I started trying to have a baby. So even if you’re not there yet, start eating these foods now and it will lessen the chance of stretch marks when you are ready for a little one:

• fish oils
• olive oil
• coconut oil
• canola oil
• hempseed oil
• hemp seeds
• flax seed oil
• flax seeds
• sesame seeds
• pumpkin seeds
• walnuts
• sunflower seeds
• buckwheat
• almond and nut butters
• lentils
• split peas
• wheat germ
• salmon, cod
• avocados
• kale
• spinach
• collard greens
• winter squash

Do you have any tricks for preventing stretch marks?

Love, Molly

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