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App Happy: My Favorite iPhone Apps

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App Happy: My Favorite iPhone Apps

The inevitable has happened. I resisted it for a long time, but in the end I was powerless against the allure of the iPhone. I’m sure you’ve all heard the story before, but I used to be a devoted BlackBerry user. It was in the palm of my hand at all times and I swore I would never make the switch! Then—only after much consideration—I did the BlackBerry and iPhone at the same time. (Yep, I was one of those people!) But after several months of juggling two phones, I have officially become an iPhone user. There are times when I still miss my little workhorse, but what can I say—it just can’t compete in the apps department! Telephones sure have come a long way, haven’t they?



Here are the apps that really did it for me:

ScanBizCards – This app will save you so much time it’s not even funny! It scans business cards right to your contacts using your phone’s camera. Easy peasy, right?

Cross Process – I don’t know what else to say about this app other than that it makes every picture you take look absolutely gorgeous. It beats all the other photo apps out there—I don’t think I’ve touched Hipstamatic or Instagram’s editing tools since I’ve discovered it. It’s also what I used to take my very first baby bump photo!

Vivino – This app is for when you’re out at dinner and try a new wine that you absolutely love and don’t want to forget. Just snap a quick picture of the label and Vivino will match it with their database of over 400,000 wines and save it for you.

Goop City – If you’re a fan like I am (or even if you’re not), you have to check out goop’s mobile city guide. Looking for the most fantastic place to grab a quick bit? The best person to call for an in-home blow-dry? Gwyneth has got us covered!

One King’s LaneOne King’s Lane is one of my favorite sites for discount décor items and gifts, and their app makes it even easier to shop… that’s always a good thing, right?

WhatsApp – Because I do still suffer from the occasional BlackBerry withdrawal. I can still have my BBM thanks to this app!

What are your favorite apps? I’m still just getting started with this thing and could use some more suggestions!

Love, Molly

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