The Fantastic Five

What are the fantastic five? #TheEverydaySupermodel super ingredients!

This was definitely a hot topic in my book! Don’t get too caught up in the hype of trendy ingredients. These five complexion commandos are scientifically proven heroes in the war against aging.


Scientific research has shown help heal the skin and simulate collagen and elastin production. Peptides perform when it comes to fewer lines and firmer/tighter skin. Some peptides have even been found to slow muscle contraction and help prevent wrinkles from forming (ingredients such as arginine). Look out for copper peptides, matrixyl, and other ingredients that usually end in “tide.”


This form of vitamin A is able to penetrate several layers of skin to effectively exfoliate and reveal younger skin cells. Retinol is also a proven collagen/elastin stimulator and helps to regulate hydration levels. It is highly effective for everyday supermodels with the adult acne/maturing skin dilemma. Look for retinol on the ingredient list. If you want something stronger, the prescription version is Retin-A or Renova. (Retinyl palmitate is also a form, but it’s not as strong and results are slower.)


These skin defenders fight free radicals, assist in healing the skin, and are effective on so many levels, depending on the unique properties of each antioxidant. Vitamin C is a proven antiager, great for lightening spots and brightening dullness. The most stable and effective form of vitamin C is usually listed as L-asorbic acid. That’s the one you want to look for. Watch out for the phoneys! Alpha-lipoic acid is believed to be one of the strongest, and studies show it boosts the strength of the other antioxidants. Alpha-lipoic acid is sometimes listed as ALA.

Hydroxy Acids:

AHAs and BHAs have been around a long time but are still at the top of the skin-care game-they are major multitaskers. Hydroxy acids are stellar at speeding cellular turnover and work at the surface level and deeper to soften and smooth skin, improve fine lines, clear junk out of pores, and help your skin maintain healthy hydration levels. Look for glycolic, lactic, citric, and salicylic acid in the ingredient list. Acids can be slightly irritating, so be aware.

Hyaluronic Acid:

This superstar floods skin cells with hydration and then holds and locks it in. As we age, we lose naturally occurring HA in our skin cells, and our skin loses the ability to hold water in the cells as effectively. Hence the dryness as we get older. Hyaluronic acid has the immediate plumping and smoothing effect on skin cells and binds water to the skin. Look for hlycosamingogylcan or sodium hyaluronate in the ingredient list.

AND…maybe even one more? Stem cell science is no longer fiction-but it’s now fact! Skin-care formulations are starting to emerge using the proteins produced by stem cells (so not stem cells themselves, which can be controversial). These stem cell proteins have been proven to help skin naturally repair itself, by undoing wrinkles, spot, and the like. So be on the lookout!