An Ode to Mod

It’s no mystery that I am a true lover of all things fashion, but there’s nothing I love more than seeing vintage styles make their way back into what’s current and on trend. In particular, one style that I will forever love, love, love and am thrilled to see working its way back into designers’ collections, is Mod. It consists of such simple silhouettes and lines, yet somehow has such a chic effect.

While shopping at Barney’s recently I came across this stunning look (above) from Lisa Perry’s collection and just had, had, had to share the trend with you. The boxy top and a-line skirt transported me right into the 60’s, and kinda made me feel like I should be meeting Twiggy for a cosmo or something. And while that probably won’t be happening any time soon, a girl can dream, right?

The 60’s Mod era was all about wearing bold and bright colors, being an individual, and more literally, being a “modernist.” Icons like Twiggy led the way for young fashionistas to be daring and unique with their clothing choices, and I have no doubt that her effect still remains. One designer that had a massive effect on the Mod era is André Courrèges. His “Space Age” collection from the 1960’s consisted of silhouettes such as squares, triangles, and even trapezoids. His boxy, geometric shapes were what Mod was all about. To this day I still love, love, love collecting vintage Courrèges coats. You can find  AH-mazing coats at Fopps on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.


Trying vintage inspired looks when it comes to fashion is always a go-to. There are tons of AH-mazing eras that have inspired modern day designers, but Mod is definitely one of my favs.