An Easy DIY: Make Your Own Photo Wall

As you may have noticed from the many, many, many pictures that I've taken in my kitchen for previous blog posts, I have a HUGE wall of photos as decoration. While many wouldn't necessarily consider the kitchen a preeminent place to put up personal pictures, I see it the exact opposite way. After all, where does everyone spend the majority of their time? In the kitchen!

If you're looking for a bit of design inspiration, or an easy DIY, my wall of pictures is BE-yond easy to replicate and an amazing way to spruce up and space to make it feel more personal.

Honestly, the hardest time you'll have is narrowing down which pictures will make the cut! All you'll need is a large cork-board, a hammer and nails, your selection of photos, and pushpins. Start by measuring your space, then head to your nearest craft store for a corkboard that'll fit the wall. You can either get super craft with borders and accents or stay minimal and let the pictures do the talking - it's all up to your style.

From there, I printed off an AB-solute ton of personal photos of my family and friends over the years and spread them out over my living room floor. One by one I placed them onto the corkboard before I hung it up on the wall. You'll find it's much easier to place them while the board is laying flat against the ground as opposed to up on your wall.

Once it's entirely filled, simply hang and admire! I love, love, love being able to look over and see all the fun memories from my life while I'm cooking with Brooksie or answering emails. Plus when your family and friends come over, they'll be thrilled to see their photos on your new wall! Tweet me a picture @MollyBSims when you're finished with your own - I want to see your wall of memories!