Color Your Way To Less Stress

I’ll be the first to admit it. I wouldn’t call myself “calm.” My instinct is always to go, go, go and move, move, move. It’s always been that way. Not only is it physically exhausting but it mentally drains you, too!

Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve really noticed a change in the ways I like to unwind. Before my little ones, it was a lot easier to take a long and relaxing bubble bath by candlelight. Now? Not so much. The second I hop in the tub, you better believe either Brooksie is calling for me or I’m hearing some sort of commotion downstairs. Life with a three-year-old boy and a baby girl can be crazy at times (and leaves little time for relaxing bubble baths) so you have to get creative. This momma needs to relax somehow!

I recently heard about a trendy new stress reliever that takes you right back to your childhood: coloring. We all know art is a great way for people to meditate but for people with no artistic ability (um, me!) that could be stressful in itself. So, that’s where the coloring books of your past come into play. Coloring inside the lines, just like art, is extremely calming. As a form of “active meditation,” the simple act of using the repetitive motion of coloring helps retain focus and shifts your attention back to a relaxed state. In other words, when you focus on this particular activity, it takes your focus away from any worries or stressors.


Not only is coloring a great way to unwind but it’s also a fun way to connect and spend time with your kids. It forces us to be in the moment with them rather than being on our phones or constantly checking our email. It becomes such a habit!

To my surprise, you can actually buy coloring books specifically for adults. I mean, we only have superhero ones at my house so I knew I needed something more my style. I actually found ones that are catered toward all different moods: “Color Me Happy,” “Color Me Calm,” and “Color Me Stress-Free” to name a few. Each book is specially designed into therapeutically themed chapters to channel anxiety or just for a bright pick-me-up. Add a cup of calming tea to the mix for ultimate zen.

Here are some of my favorite templates, links and books to get you started:

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