Adorn Your Ears, Part 1: Everyday Earrings

Ladies & gents, let me tell you.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting questions from you on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and reading all the comments you leave on Believe me when I say that I read each and every one of them. It's AB-solutely amazing feedback for me so I know what you want to read about - and how I can help you be happier, healthier & hotter!

Ever since I posted the video of Monika Blunder doing my makeup, I've received SO many questions about my earrings. I thought I'd create a little post about my fav, fav, fav go-to earrings that I wear day in and day out. All of the earrings I've pulled for you are perfect because they're small yet stylish and ideal for everyday wear. Honestly, I almost never take off my earrings - I leave them on when I'm working out, showering, EV-erything.

But without further commentary, here are the earrings I'm coveting right now. Which are on your wish list?

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