A Surprise Trip to Murray, Kentucky to See the 'Rents!


molly sims murray kentucky october 2013 While I was away in Cabo, I flipped through my iPhone schedule and realized that Scott, Brooks and I were totally free of plans this weekend. No meetings, no plans with friends, no playgroups. So I immediately proposed the idea of a surprise trip to my hometown of Murray, Kentucky and got to planning!

I love, love, love for Brooskie to spend as much time as possible with his grandparents and I have to admit I AH-dore getting to see my parents. There's nothing like heading home for much needed R&R.

All week long, I was a total mess, worried that I was going to slip up and ruin the surprise while chatting over the phone to my mom. But Wednesday night came and Jim and Dottie still had no idea that we were hopping on a flight in the morning to show up on their doorstep!

During my packing, I put my faith in you all, and you came through with flying colors! Even though I Tweeted to the world about my plans, everyone kept it a secret and I pulled off the surprise without a hitch!

molly sims brooks murray kentuck october 2013

Now the plan is to turn off the phone, make a good 'ole jar of sweet tea with my momma, watch Brooks play in the backyard with his grandfather and his new truck, indulge in long dinners around the family table, and sleep well knowing I'm back at home with the people who are closest to me - my parents, Scott, and Brooks. What more could anyone need?!

How do you make the most of weekends at home with your family members? Tell me everything!