A New Label You Need to Know: Ivory Row

ivory row I'm lucky enough to have friends in the fashion industry who alert me to the best new brands and up and coming designers. In the interest of good style karma, I'm planning to use this knowledge and to share my fashionable secret intelligence with you on a regular basis.

First up - Ivory Row.

ivory row 2

I heard about this new brand recently and have been DY-ing to update you. It has gorgeous, affordable cashmere - enough said, right?

Why did I wait so long? The website just launched today, and the creations by designers Pierre and Grace are now available for pre-order! They only use the best fabrics from the world's best suppliers - aka the same ones used by big fashion brands you already know and love.

ivory row 3

I have my eye on more than a few of their luxury knits. Take a look at the site and let me know in the comments below which pieces you're loving!

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