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8 Tips for Sticking With Your Resolutions

WellnessMolly SimsComment

I had quite a few New Year’s resolutions on my list for 2013. I’ve been pretty good about sticking with them so far, but the month of February is usually when I start to feel myself slipping. It seems like no matter how enthusiastic you are about your fitness goals at the beginning of the year, it’s so easy to forget about them come February! Luckily I have a few tips for toughing it out all year long. Check them out below…

  1. Stop referring to them as your New Year’s resolutions. This is my No. 1 rule! If you’ve made it past the first few weeks, it’s time to start thinking of your New Year’s goals as a part of your lifestyle now.
  2. Reward yourself. It’s all about that added incentive. For every week that I reach my fitness goals, I like to treat myself to a spa day or mani/pedi.  Massages are great for lymphatic drainage and scrubs are great for circulation and getting rid of dead skin.
  3. Try on your old jeans. If you don’t want to weigh in, just slip into your skinny jeans once a week. It’s a good way to gauge weight loss without stepping on the scale.
  4. Carry around a reminder. Get an old picture of yourself at your ideal weight and carry it with you everywhere.
  5. Curb your cravings. If you have a sweet tooth, reach for a packet of hot chocolate or chocolate calcium bites that are only 30 calories each.
  6. Keep a journal. Journal all of your food. Rebecca Baer of the F Factor right me this trick. It’s a great way to know exactly what you’re eating.
  7. Try the buddy system. Get a friend to hold you accountable. Check in every few days and tell her how you’ve been doing with your fitness goals. Be honest!
  8. Fake it till you make it. Treat yourself to a new set of workout clothes that are fun and make you want to work out. Try a little neon!

Do you have any tips for making your resolutions last this month?

I’d love to hear them!

Love, Molly

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