5 Questions with Jennifer Meyer

Any time I am out with Jennifer Meyer, I find myself AB-solutely fawning over her jewelry. Between her delicate pieces and her bolder diamond designs, she's constantly amazing me with her creations. I snagged her during the Baby2Baby event we hosted last week to get the details on her collection, her inspiration, and the Jen Meyer girl to bring back one of my fav, fav, fav features on MollySims.com - 5 Questions With!

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

All over the place! I’m so lucky to have such incredibly stylish and beautiful (inside and out) friends and sisters who are always inspiring me. I love nature, walks on the beach, all of it! I’m always inspired.

Describe the necklace that you own which has the most significance to you.

Oh, that’s a tough question. It’s a tough one to narrow down. Before my Grandma passed away she gave me this gorgeous pearl ring of hers that she designed. I put that on a chain and wear it constantly. She was my soulmate so anything to feel close to her makes me happy. I’ve made a few necklaces that I live for! The ones that mean the most to me have my babies' names (Ruby and Otis) on them in one way or another.


Who is the Jennifer Meyer girl?

I try to design for every girl. For every woman. I love seeing girls who begged for a piece of jewelry for their sweet 16 come up to me wearing a piece and I love also seeing their Mom’s in my jewelry too. I design for busy women who are full of life and have a full life! For me personally, I wake up early. Get the kids ready for school. Take the kids to school. Go to work. Go home. Get dinner ready. Bathe the kids. Put the kids to bed. Either fall asleep with them or hang with my hubby or girlfriends. I need my jewelry to transition from day-to-night with ease. Who has time to change their jewelry every day? I want my pieces to become a part of you.

How do you like to see your necklaces styled?

I love to see them layered. But mostly, I like to see them styled with a big huge smile!

Describe the feeling you get when you see girls in real life / on Instagram wearing your designs.

Oh, I love it! I run up to people that don’t know me and introduce myself. “Hey, I designed your necklace! Now give me a hug!” Ha! I truly do this! I feel the same way about Instagram. Love it love it love it. What’s more flattering than that?!