5 Questions: For Rachel Zoe


You probably know Rachel Zoe as an incredible stylist, an amazing designer, and the brains behind The Zoe Report (a daily email that I am completely addicted to and can’t wait to read every morning), but she’s also one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Put us in a room together and we just can’t stop talking! We chat about everything from fashion to beauty to mommy-hood, and we’re always sharing tips and tricks we’ve learned with each other. So today I thought I’d let you listen in on our conversation! Here are my 5 questions for Rachel Zoe…


1. How would you describe your style in three words? Glamorous, timeless, effortless, ‘70s, modern. 2. What are your biggest beauty product must-haves? I’m kind of obsessed with Kiehl’s Acai Toning Mist—so refreshing; I always have Egyptian Magic on hand at all times; and LOVE Organic body oil is everything—it’s literally the best! 3. What's your favorite piece from the Rachel Zoe spring collection? The Isabella sequined gown—it's everything I love in a dress! It has this incredible monochromatic sequined zebra print; it's maxi—to the floor; and the super low back makes it sexy without being too revealing.


4. What are the top three pieces every woman should have in her closet? A classic white button up, a leather jacket in either brown or black, and a perfectly fitted pair of jeans in whatever cut you prefer! 5. What three non-maternity items should every mommy-to-be have in her closet? Leggings are a must-have; definitely a loose, chunky knit sweater; and the perfect riding boot in either a wedge or a flat is essential.

And a bonus question because I just love my Zoe Zoe so much…

6. What advice do you have for me about becoming a mommy for the first time? You can still do it all. Be the best mom to your newest addition AND keep your career!

If you had one question to ask the most “MAJOR” stylist, Rachel Zoe, what would it be?

Love, Molly

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Photo: Gaby Wilson

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