10 Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

I have a confession. When I have some down time, I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed. It can get pretty addicting! If you have an Instagram account or if you’re thinking about getting one, there are some accounts that, in my opinion, are a must-follow. From food to travel to beauty, there are accounts that can give you inspiration no matter what you’re into.

Sit down, relax, and scroll through my top ten of the moment:



If you love to entertain, this Instagram account will be your new obsession. Amanda, the creator of the blog Fashionable Hostess, posts her beautiful table settings and hosting ideas straight to her account daily. She also is known for her impeccable style, culinary skills, and love of champagne (my kind of girl!) Her photos will give you major inspiration to host your next event—no matter how big or small!



As a self-professed “product whore” I can never get enough beauty on my Instagram feed. Highbrow is my go-to for the inside scoop on new product launches, recommendations, beauty tips, and backstage runway trends. Launched by one of the industry’s top makeup artist’s, Monika Blunder, Highbrow is definitely a trusted source! Also, make sure to also check out their blog for more authentic stories and tips. At its launch, I shared my stories here along with many others in the industry.



If you’re the type that gets hungry by just simply looking at pictures of food, this may not be the account for you. Infatuation is like an automatic food craving! This account is essentially restaurant reviews from various cities that display the best of the best options at each eatery. The food photography is out of this world, too! They also have specific accounts for various cities such as Los Angeles (@infatuation_la), Chicago (@infatuation_chi), San Francisco (@infatuation_sf), NYC (@infatuation_nyc), Denver (@infatuation_den), and many more. I use this account when I travel or even in my own city to try out new foods and restaurants in the area.



Last year on my site, I raved all about one of my favorite nail salons in Los Angeles, Olive & June. Almost daily, Olive & June’s Instagram account posts some major nail art inspiration. Even if you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, their Instagram makes it easy to recreate these fun and creative nail trends on your own nails—wherever you are!



Need some humor in your life? You should have followed Girl With No Job … like yesterday. Claudia Oshry (aka Girl With No Job) is the ultimate meme queen. If you don’t know what a meme is, look her up and you’ll soon be just as obsessed as I am. Whenever she pops up on my feed, I instantly laugh. But, be warned: once you follow her, you might be scrolling through her pictures for the next hour. It’s that good!



As you know, wellness is a huge part of my life. I love learning new ways to make my lifestyle as clean and healthy as possible. For those who find it hard to read articles due to a busy schedule, Well + Good’s Instagram account is informative even just in picture form. They also post inspiration in the form of quotes, too!



I love a good tablescape. My dear friends, Annie Belanger and Benton Weinstock from A2B Table are the ones who make it all happen for me! They’ve created everything from a winter wonderland to a fall feast right on my dining room table. Their Instagram account showcases their talent and can give you a little inspiration of your own!



If you don’t have the travel bug, you’re about to get it. Le Postcard is like a vacation for your Instagram feed! I absolutely love, love, love following these fashion insiders on their travels. Their shots are literally perfect as a postcard.



Especially around the holidays, I love looking to Inspired By This for cute ideas. But, it’s not just DIY! This account is also full of wedding, travel, home, and cooking inspiration as well.



I’ll be honest—sometimes I have to be inspired to work out especially after a long night or early morning. One of my trainers, Nicole Winhoffer, has an Instagram account that is like a daily pump up. When I work out with her, she makes it so fun that I almost forget what I’m doing. Since she’s based in NYC and I’m in LA, I find myself being more motivated to work out just by looking at her feed. Her high-energy and positivity come through in everything she does—even when she’s posting pictures! She also posts videos live from her fitness classes!



I’ve mentioned Marie on the blog before when we did the food art competition but her Instagram is too good not to mention again. Marie, who is author of the book, Let’s Make Magic With Food, uses food to create literal art. Her creative word play with foods from her pantry is my absolute favorite!