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What I Want: February

You’ve heard me say this many times, I love Valentine’s Day! So, obviously my “What I Want” for the month of February is going to be Valentine’s Day focused. When I did my research for this post, I may have already bought a few things so we might as well call this “What I Bought: February.”

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Valentine's Day Edit

I've already said this, but I just LOVE Valentine's Day. The key to a styish and chic Valentine's Day look is to keep it simple. You want to look sexy and flirty while showing the right amount of skin. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite looks that will make you feel sexy and confident this Valentine's Day! 

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First Friday Favorites: February

As many of you know, I LOVE Valentine's Day which is why I tend to really love this month. January literally felt like it was 75 years long and now we can finally tackle a new month-- reset our goals, priorities and resolutions. If you didn't stick to your resolutions in January, it's OK! You can start over this month. Which is why my February favorites are all about love and staying on track! 

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