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Must-Have: Boho Dresses I'm Loving At The Moment

We all know how much I love a print! But even more than a good print, I love a feminine boho dress! I know a lot of women who stay away from this look because it makes them look pregnant or just bigger than they actually are. However, there are some that accentuate your waistline while still showing off your feminine figure!

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Bold Print Dresses For Vacation

I've mentioned this before, prints are here to stay this season! I don't know if it's the weather but I always bring out my boho chic look this time of year. Especially being in Cabo, I love to throw on a bold print, a good bag and head out the door. I love to dress up while I'm on vacation but I also want to be comfortable. Effortless is my priority. 

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Lavender Looks I Love For Spring

I just arrived in Cabo and had to share today's look! I don't know what it is but I am ALL about lavender this season. It might be because it's everywhere I look but I don't know, I just love it. I think the color is feminine and dainty and truly looks good on anyone! I love it in a handbag, a shoe and even an entire pantsuit. This color works, my friends. 

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