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The Benefits Of Placenta Post-Partum

The Benefits of Placenta Post Partum. When I became interested in the possibility of using my placenta, I was referred to a postpartum doula by Lori Bregman. reached out to Ida Reid who is a postpartum doula here in Los Angeles. She's been working in this field extensively for years and has helped me through the process. Since the topic of placenta is still relatively new, I thought it would be a great opportunity for Ida to share her insight with you, too.

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A Delicious Smoothie For Post Delivery

A Delicious Smoothie For Post Delivery. I'd like to introduce you to my fabulous nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque (aka Be Well By Kelly). She's already been prepping me for my post-baby nutrition plan and has given me this AMAZING recipe I'd like to share with any mommas that just gave birth or about to. It helps heal, replenish, and tastes delicious...even if you didn't just have a baby!

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