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Inside Scarlett's Third Birthday + How To Plan A Party For Your Toddler

As many of you know via social media, we've been celebrating our Scar's birthday for the past week! She turned the big three this year and boy did we celebrate! I'm going to run through how we achieved the party of her dreams while answering some of your questions. Let's do this.

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The Most Common Party Planning Mistakes with Stefanie Cove

The Most Common Party Planning Mistakes with Stefanie Cove. In my book, Everyday Chic, I included Stefanie as one of my experts (for obvious reasons). She’s truly the best in the business. Not only does she have exceptional taste but her keen eye for detail gives her that edge up. In party planning, detail is everything. With so many moving parts, things can go wrong at any moment. According to Stefanie, “the most common party mistakes are probably the tiny, easy things you forget about.”

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