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VIDEO: MVPS Of My VIPS - Hair Care

Welcome to my newest YouTube series: MVPS of my VIPS! You all know that momma loves a product! So, I'm sharing all of my most valuable players of my very important products. First up, we're talking about hair care. So many of you always ask me how I maintain my blonde and continue with the upkeep. Well, these key products are what keep my hair going. 

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Holiday Beauty Value Sets Haul + GIVEAWAY!

I know how all of you are feeling right now. We're less than two weeks away from Christmas and there's still some people you need to check off your list. We've ALL been there; trust me. This week's YouTube video is a little different from the others since there's a giveaway involved. Yes... a giveaway! Not just ANY giveaway, mind you... I'm giving away the FIVE beauty value sets that I go through during this week's video.  

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Master This Mermaid Makeup Look Just In Time For Halloween

Alright you guys, I’m officially putting the cat and mouse costumes to rest. Since my favorite movie is Splash this year’s costume is an ode to the amazing Daryl Hannah. This year’s Halloween costume is all about the mermaid. Watch my tutorial below to score the techniques and products you'll need for the perfect mermaid makeup look

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