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The Best Summer Hair Care Products

I know how it is... summer comes and all of a sudden your hair is dry and stripped from all of the chlorine, sun and sea salt. I try my best to take care of my hair the most in the summer because that's when it gets the most damaged. I have a handful of products that I always have on rotation come summer. 

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VIDEO: How I Keep My Blonde So Blonde!

There's one question that I get on a weekly basis: Molly, how do you get your blonde so blonde?!  I'll tell you this, it's not something that came easy to learn... it took many trials of different colorists, hair products and achieving a rhythm. Now, I really feel like I have it down to a science. I can't believe I'm giving my dirty little {blonde} secret away... but here we go! 

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VIDEO: MVPS Of My VIPS - Hair Care

Welcome to my newest YouTube series: MVPS of my VIPS! You all know that momma loves a product! So, I'm sharing all of my most valuable players of my very important products. First up, we're talking about hair care. So many of you always ask me how I maintain my blonde and continue with the upkeep. Well, these key products are what keep my hair going. 

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