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WATCH: Melasma & Hyper-pigmentation Q&A With My Dermatologist

Meet my dermatologist, Dr. Bakshandeh. You have all requested to have her on my channel for so long, so we’re finally doing it. We both posted a prompt for you guys to ask her your hyper pigmentation and melasma questions so she’s going to answer them.

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VIDEO: MVPS Of My VIPS- Hyperpigmentation

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I struggle with hyperpigmentation and melasma ... it's the price of being a mom, right? Well, I've tried and tested SO many products to see what really works and I have to say, I've found the best of the best to treat those pesky mommy spots. 

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Let's Talk About... Skincare

Let's Talk About... Skincare I really hope you guys are loving this new blog series because I sure am! I have so much fun reading your questions and seeing what you're all interested in. On this week's "Let's Talk About...," we're talking about my favorite topic... skincare!

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