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What I Want: February

You’ve heard me say this many times, I love Valentine’s Day! So, obviously my “What I Want” for the month of February is going to be Valentine’s Day focused. When I did my research for this post, I may have already bought a few things so we might as well call this “What I Bought: February.”

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As many of you saw on my Instagram, I went to fashion week and now I’m back to reality. I’ve unpacked and finally all situated. So I’m sorry that I’ve been a little mute on the blog this past week but I’m about to write all of the things that you want to know during these next few days and weeks. I asked via IG story what you guys wanted to know about NYFW and wrote down all of your questions.

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Fall’s Hottest Hair Accessory: The Ribbon — 3 Ways YouTube Tutorial

Molly Sims shares Fall’s Hottest Hair Accessory: The Ribbon — 3 Ways YouTube Tutorial. After watching all the runway shows from the comfort of my bed, on my laptop… I came to a consensus: this fall, it’s ALL about the hair ribbon. I know what you’re all thinking... a hair ribbon? Like, the one I would wear in elementary school? I’m telling you, we’re taking this ribbon and making it look elevated for the chic and sophisticated woman. 

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