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Let's Talk About... Wellness

Have you guys been enjoying my "Let's Talk About" series? I'm having so much fun with it because it's my way to connect with all of you. I love seeing what aspects of my life interest you and different ways I can help you in your day to day lives. Since the new year is less than a week away, I thought that wellness would be the best topic to ring in 2018. I received a lot of questions from you guys with this one and I tried to filter them the best I could. So let's get right into it.

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Let's Talk About... Entertaining

I'm SO excited to talk about one of my favorite topics... Entertaining. I have an entire chapter in my book, Everyday Chic dedicated to Entertaining in Style and I really dive deep into what it takes to plan the ultimate party, gathering and dinner party. I love love love having my friends, family and loved ones over to celebrate every occasion; it's my guilty pleasure. So, you guys asked and I'm going to answer my tips and tricks when it comes to entertaining. 

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