Bikini Ready Recipes: Freezer Fudge

I'm a sweet tooth by nature. I always have been. Even when I'm on my strictest diet, that's the one thing I'll never give up. During my first meeting with Kelly LeVeque, I was sure to warn her. I basically begged her to not take away my sweets entirely. Thankfully, she didn't have to. That's where her freezer fudge recipe comes in.

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Kelly's whole mentality isn't about depriving yourself. It's about replacing. When she told me there was a healthy option for my chocolate obsession, I almost didn't believe her. Then I tried it and my life changed. This freezer fudge recipe is low in sugar and high in fat which means it will keep you satisfied longer and stop you from binging.

Check out Kelly's recipe below and try it out for yourself. I keep some in my fridge at all times for those moments when my sweet tooth hits! 


1 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup cocoa powder

8-10 drops liquid stevia

1/4 -1/2 cup Almond Butter (optional if you desire a thicker consistency)

Maldon or Pink salt (optional)


1. Melt Coconut Oil in glass pyrex bowl.

2. Whisk in cocoa powder and stevia. (and almond butter if you don't love coconut oil consistency)

3. Pour into ice cube tray.

4. Sprinkle with Salt

5. Now, it's time to freeze. Fudge will be ready in 20 minutes!

TODAY (4/3), Kelly and I will be in my kitchen whipping up some fudge live on my Facebook Page. Tune in at 4pm PST! 

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