Summer Trends I Love: Metallic Swimsuits

If having the most ridiculous amount of swimwear is wrong, I don't want to be right. When summer hits, we practically live at the beach or by the pool. So it should go without saying that a swimsuit is a major part of my wardrobe. Considering this is the first summer in a long time that I'm not pregnant, I think I deserve it. 3 kids in 5 years. Pretty crazy, right!? Momma needs a glass of rose poolside, stat.

Enough about that, though! Let's talk trends. My favorite of the season? Metallic. It's honestly a summer staple I never knew I was missing. Not only do these suits look beautiful when the sun hits, they bring out a bronze tan like nothing else.


Oh, and another perk? If you find a great one-piece that you love, it can double as a bodysuit under a pair of high waisted denim. Call me crazy but it works.


Scroll down below to shop some of my favorite metallic finds. Whether you want to experiment with bright colors or keep it neutral, there is something for everyone's taste! 

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