Trends I Love: Bright & Colorful Phone Cases

I have a bit of a confession to make. Since I've had kids, I lose practically everything. There isn't a day that goes by that I haven't misplaced either my keys or my phone. This usually leads to a massive search around the house when literally ain't nobody got time for that. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

To preserve my sanity, I decided it was time to help myself out a bit. As much as I love the look of a sleek phone case--it's just not working for me. It ends up getting hidden under the seat of my car or swimming at the bottom of my purse. Now, I'm all about something big and bright. I used to think they were a bit gaudy but it's actually fun. I bought a couple that I can mix and match with whenever I want a change.


A bigger and brighter phone case is a #MOMMAMUSTHAVE in more ways than one. If your kids are like mine, they want my phone non-stop. "Momma, can I have your phone? Momma, can I play games?" I probably let them on my phone more than I should (another confession!) so when I do, I want something that's easy for them to hold with their tiny hands. I prefer the silicone material because it's even easier to grip. I've dealt with too many cracked iPhone screens while it's been in the care of my kids. Who else can relate?!


Since these phone cases are super trendy right now, you can basically find them anywhere. I recently picked up this rainbow phone case from this brand called Valfie. Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters both sell it, too.

If rainbow isn't your style, here are some more phone cases I spotted while searching online. I'm telling you--it's so worth it! 

See what I mean!? So fun. The only downfall? Your kids will definitely want to hold your phone hostage with these fun cases. No worries, though. There are tons of great learning games that I've downloaded on my phone over the years. It makes me not feel so guilty about their screen time!

photo credit: Erica Hampton