Take A Peek Inside My Home With Architectural Digest

I'm so excited to announce that my home tour with Architectural Digest is FINALLY OUT! I've literally been counting down the days. I love design. I always have. This house has definitely been a lot of work from start to finish but it's been a labor of love.

When Scott and I first purchased our house in the Palisades, it was only about 80% done. The interiors had not been completed, and the floors had not been finished. It needed a lot of work.

photo credit: Architectural Digest


I hired interior designer, Dan Scotti of Dan Scotti Design, who I've worked with in the past on two homes in both NYC and the Hamptons. I love him for so many reasons. Not only do we have similar taste but we are a team.


Do we sometimes disagree? Absolutely. During the design process of this home, an argument about paint colors definitely happened. The word "Stonington" will always be a trigger word for the both of us!


This colorful oil painting was actually placed first as a centerpiece to help us make furniture decisions. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house! We love entertaining in here.


The difference between my old design style and the new is that I have to think about what's functional for my family. It has to be chic yet durable.


In the family room, Dan chose a custom Sacco rug in charcoal grey that is "sort of chunky but really soft because we knew young kids would be crawling around on it.” Dan also created a custom coffee table with soft corners in cerused oak by Lucca Antiques in Los Angeles.

But the most important was the couch. With 3 kids, stains are almost inevitable. When Dan and I were looking for fabric for the furniture, I actually spilled my entire green juice on the swatch JUST to see if it would come out. At that moment, I thought I gave him a heart attack. But guess what? It worked. It's now the fabric of my couch.


I love that Dan talked me into mixing metals. He's super into it. I'll be honest--I wasn't a fan at first but now I'm obsessed. The unlacquered brass paired with the stainless steel really pops against the deep blue paint of my kitchen. It worked beautifully!


In the playroom, red was used throughout, like on the banquette fabric from Summit.


Dan implemented a clean, modern aesthetic, with singular pops of color all through the house--including the master bedroom.


Dan made all outdoor furniture selections and placements based entirely on the lush canyon scenery and newly installed fire pit.


This M+S sign had to be included, as well. It was at our wedding!


Check out the full article here on Architectural Digest! There's also a video (click here!) 

ALSO--make sure to stay tuned for more design from Dan Scotti Designs on Architectural Digest. He's been working on a BEAUTIFUL property just around the corner from Egypt Lane Beach and the Maidstone Golf Club in East Hampton Village. And, for even more--visit Dan's website here! You'll get some SERIOUS inspiration! 

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