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What I Packed For Cabo

Just got back from Cabo last night and man, it’s back to reality! We had the best time soaking up the sun and spending some much needed quality time with our family. If you haven’t read my Cabo travel guide, I’ll link it for you here. Since a lot of you enjoyed my “What I’m Packing For Aspen” blog, I thought I’d do another one for you guys! This pretty much has all of my swim, accessories and skincare that I packed for Spring Break.

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Nashville Travel Guide

As promised, I finally got around to writing up a Travel Guide to Nashville for you guys! You all know how near and dear this city is to my heart. I grew up only two hours away in the small town of Murray, Kentucky, where my parents still live and then I went to college at Vanderbilt. Every time I go back home I get nostalgic even when I arrive in the Nashville Airport. Okay, no more reminiscing... you guys want a guide to the Music City! 

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Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Cabo San Lucas is my family's favorite vacation spot! All of our friends and their kids vacation there for winter and spring break so it's always a party. It's not just an adult trip, but the kids have a blast as well. 

I have received SO many questions about my travels to Cabo and I really feel like most of my travel guides, especially this one is is a long time coming. This is the city that my family has the time of their lives in, we really thrive in Cabo! Now, I'm giving you my extensive travel guide to my favorite place in the world, Cabo San Lucas! 

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Washington D.C. Travel Guide

This travel guide is pretty overdo since I went to D.C. back in October but with the book launch and the holidays... I'm finally catching up and getting a few travel guides cranked out. Since you guys loved my New York City guide from September, I've decided to continue sharing where I love to stay, eat and shop while I'm on my work trips and vacations. So, be on the lookout for some more in the near future! Today we're talking all about our nation's capital, Washington D.C.

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New York City Travel Guide

Molly Sims shares all of her secret spots she loves in New York City as well as some fall fashion must haves! Check out the latest blog post on for her New York City Travel Guide!

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