Skincare Must-Have: Nyakio Beauty + A Q&A With The Founder, Nyakio Grieco

Many of my most treasured beauty secrets came from my momma. I remember watching her put on face cream in the bathroom mirror while she gave me all her tips. The best one? Always start with the neck and go up. (With that said, never forget the neck. Ever!) She also taught me the power of a little rouge and I still love my blush today. She knew her stuff and she still does. Dottie Sims looks DAMN good! That's why I'm so inspired by my friend, Nyakio Grieco's new skincare line, Nyakio. As a first-generation American of Kenyan descent, she spent a lot of time traveling to Kenya to see her grandmother as a child. While there, Nyakio would learn family beauty secrets that would spark her interest in skincare. Her line, Nyakio, is inspired and dedicated to these very secrets.


I love her products and especially the story behind them. Scroll below to read a special Q&A with Nyakio about her line, the ingredients, and what makes them so special!


1)  What sparked your interest in the beauty industry? Specifically, skincare?

My beauty journey began when I was eight years old visiting my grandmother in Kenya. She taught me my first family beauty secret, and at that point my interest to create a global skincare line was sparked! My greatest inspiration comes from those family beauty secrets, and those beauty secrets shared with me by my girlfriends and discovered in my travels around the globe. 

2) What does beauty mean to YOU?

Beauty to me is standing in your own light, strength and truth. Compassion, kindness, and confidence radiate from the inside to the outside and give you a naturally beautiful glow.


3. What are some of your favorite family beauty secrets?

Some of my favorite beauty secrets were passed down to me from my Kenyan grandmother who taught me to use Kenyan Coffee Beans and sugarcane to exfoliate my skin.  My grandfather was a medicine man, and stories about him extracting oils from nature to treat the skin inspire me as well. I love sharing these beauty secrets from my family as well as those shared with me by my friends and discovered in my travels.


4. What type of products are currently in your line?

Grounded in ethically and sustainable sourced ingredients, nyakio combines cultural traditions with modern, results-driven formulas. The line features a five regimen collection: (Cleanse, Exfoliate, Restore, Moisturizer and Treat) that work together to hydrate, revitalize, smooth and provide anti-aging benefits. A collection of cultural traditions and global beauty secrets that help to deliver naturally ageless beauty!


5. Where are your ingredients sourced from?

I proudly source ethical and sustainable natural ingredients, including unique, cold pressed oils from 13 countries (including Kenya, Peru, India, China, Mali, Ghana, Spain ) around the globe. Our journey takes us around the world in search of pure, effective and sustainable ingredients sourced through Community Commerce to support women’s employment and empowerment for a better living. 

Formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde, and butylene glycol. 


6. If you could pick a "must-have" product from your line, what would it be?

I love each and every one of my babies in the nyakio line! I would say that our Nyakio Firming Face Balm featuring Tamanu Oil from India is my constant go to. It’s sort of a magic balm. Not only is it formulated to help minimize the signs of aging on your face, I use it on my neck nightly as I’m a side sleeper and worry about aging in that area. I also use any extra on dry skin areas like my cuticles, heels, elbows. I even use it as a highlighter on my cheeks after applying make up! Apply to palm of your hands rub together and it melts into this multi-tasking wonder!! I also carry the Nyakio Quinoa de-puffing and firming eye cream with me everywhere I go!  The ceramic tip applicator is instantly cooling and wakes up my tired eyes!

All Nyakio products are available EXCLUSIVELY at ULTA and

Also, check out her beautiful sizzle video below!