A New & Updated Way To Use Your Hot Rollers

I don't care who you are. Everyone (especially if you grew up in the 80's!) had a set of hot rollers. Whether it was to a school dance or just to head to class, I used them non-stop. I grew up in Kentucky so the bigger the better!

Once I got a bit older, the sky-high hair trend left us (RIP!) But that doesn't mean we have to throw our hot rollers away, though! I still have my old set and I'll be honest...I tend to like them better than using my regular curling iron. It's super easy. You can throw them on, make the kids breakfast, and clean the house all while letting your hair do it's thing. Remember those older women who used to wear them to the grocery store? We used to make fun of them but they may have been onto something!


Today on my YouTube channel, I'm going to show you how to use your hot rollers to get a new & updated look: 


The Products:


photo credits: Erica Hampton Photography

And, there you have it! A new and improved hot roller look. Let me know what you guys think by subscribing and commenting on my YouTube channel