An Easy, Heat-Free Beach Waves Tutorial

Summer is all about that laid-back “done/undone” look. It’s not unlike me to stay in my swimsuit and caftan until the sun sets—and I love it.

I keep my hair and makeup routine pretty simple, too. My favorite everyday look is always a bronze glow, a coral lip, and natural air-dried beach waves. Since I color treat my hair, I make it a priority to give the heat tools a break during the summer. The sun can be drying which leads to breakage so hair rest and relaxation is helpful.

As easy as these waves are, it does take the right products. The trick is to use both moisture and dryness to your advantage. Since we still have some more summer to enjoy, it’s the perfect time to show you a tutorial on my YouTube channel! Click below to get all the steps:


The Recap + Shop The Look:


STEP 1: Start with dry or damp hair but never wet. I usually will either dry with a towel or let my hair air dry halfway. To prep my hair, I use a dot of finishing cream on my hands and really work through my hair. It gives it a nice polish to start out with. To avoid those dreaded “angel wings” I always talk about, I suggest parting your hair down the middle and really focus on the bottom length of your hair.

I’ve been using the Ouai Finishing Cream from Jen Atkin because literally every hair stylist I know has it in their arsenal. If that doesn’t tell you enough, I don’t know what does!


STEP 2: Here’s where the moisture comes in. A sea salt spray is what gives you that hold and body. Spritz throughout your hair and scrunch. I tend to avoid the roots because it can get a little weighed down. The Effortless Sea Salt Spray from Honest Beauty is a great option because it’s not too heavy. So even if you go a little overboard, you’re safe!


STEP 3: Now for my favorite product of all…dry shampoo! I love the way it adds volume and body when you really need it. Spray throughout hair and scrunch it up again. There may be a little bit of frizz but that’s where that natural “done/undone” look comes in.

If my hair feels a little greasy or it’s really hot out, I like to add a little extra dry shampoo to my roots. Philip B’s Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo sprays on clear so I can keep reapplying without feeling like I’m getting too product heavy.


STEP 4: Time to polish it up! I love using a weightless hair oil to smooth out any unwanted frizz. Recently, I found a new natural brand based here in Los Angeles called Playa who makes a great Ritual Hair Oil. Not only does the product feel amazing in your hair but it smells just like Le Labo Santal. And the scent lasts. When people won’t stop sniffing your hair, that’s when you know you’ve found that holy grail product. Rub a little in your hands and work into hair.


STEP 5: This is completely optional. I know we said heat-free but I still like to curl the front two pieces of my hair just to give it a more polished look. Other than that, we’re good to go!


TIP: If you have fine hair like I do, try prepping the night before and wearing braids to bed. It gives it that extra little hold you’ll need.

In the morning, you can polish it up a little bit but the braids will give it a nice lived in look. Sometimes I don’t need to as long as I prep it the night before. It definitely makes mornings a lot easier!


photo credit: Erica Hampton 

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