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Lipstick on the Rim: All Things Beauty, Fashion, and Self-Care with Supermodel Taylor Hill: Makeup Products She Swears By, How She Got Rid of Teenage Acne, Her Journey of Self-Discovery, and More!


Taylor Hill started modeling at age 14 after being scouted at a dude ranch in her small suburban hometown in Colorado. Six years later, she made history by becoming the youngest Victoria’s Secret Angel at age 20. Since then, she has achieved massive milestones in her modeling career. From walking for renowned designers and fashion houses like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana to gracing the covers of major fashion magazines like Vogue, Taylor has become a household name in fashion. In today’s episode, Taylor’s dives into her career today, why she started her latest business endeavor Tate and Taylor, how her shocking haircut led to a journey of self-discovery, and she gives us the inside scoop on all her beauty and wellness secrets.

[Taylor Hill] On Her Coveted Skincare and Makeup Routines

“I definitely love fashion more, but I’m starting to get into beauty. I just don’t like complicated things. A friend of mine has a skincare brand called Skin Pharm, and her products are some of the ones that first started to help the hormonal acne I was having from my birth control. I truly feel like the glow I have, is from some of her products. I wash my face with the gentle cleanser and I use their hyaluronic acid called The Youth Serum. If there’s one product people should get, I think it’s the hyaluronic acid, that product really changed my skin. I also just added a Vitamin C serum from IS clinical into my routine too. Then I use an eye cream and the IS Clinical sunscreen during the day and that’s it, that’s my morning routine. My makeup routine however is constantly changing. Right now, I love the NARS concealer and for foundation, I always go back to the Armani Luminous Silk. My go-to eyeshadow is a palette by Kaja. I just put the brown color on the lid, and then the shimmery gold color on top of that. Then I do a stick blush from Milk Makeup as a cream base, and this Patrick Ta powder blush on top.”

[Taylor Hill] On Her Go-To Exercise Routine

“For me, exercise is a huge part of my mental health and how I take care of my mind. As good as it is for your body, I don’t really do it for aesthetics or to be a certain level of fit, I do it for my brain, because if I don’t, I go crazy. I love to run, not fast and not far, but I do about three to three and a half miles a few times a week, sort of depending on my travel schedule. I also love Pilates, I think it’s so great for the body. It’s low impact, but you’re getting some muscle strength training in, and it’s not hard on your joints or bones. I have also been doing weight lifting and training. I did it in the past for all the Victoria Secret shows when I would want to get in shape or, you know, be the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. I used to love high intensity interval training too because it’s challenging, and the competitor in me loves a challenge. Also, something I’ve incorporated in the last year that has been really great is just walking. I walk my dog everyday, and it really helps lean out your muscles.

[Taylor Hill] On Handling Pressure in the Spotlight

“I was really unaware of the pressure because I was so young when I started. I wasn’t delusional, but I was more so like, oh my gosh, this is so cool and this is so fun, I can’t believe I’m here doing this. I was also so lucky to have my mom. I think she set really great boundaries with people, and having her there also reminded them how young I was. A lot of young women in modeling have to deal with being treated like a grown up at such a young age because people [on set] forget how young they are. They look grown up with all the dressing up in fancy clothes, and getting their hair and makeup done every day, but they’re really just young women, and people often forget that, and end up treating them very different. There’s also the constant expectation to look and behave a certain way when really, I’m the type of person to just fly by the seat of my pants. I have almost no plans and I just kind of do things, audition, and see how it goes. Don’t get me wrong, I put in the work and go to classes, but I try to never put too much pressure on myself or tell myself I have to do something. I definitely work hard, but I kind of let the rest go and see where everything lands.”

[Taylor Hill] On How She Remains Positive Amongst the Chaos

“I keep a positive mindset by just letting myself feel whatever I want to feel. Staying positive overall, is a really good goal and objective, but life is life and things happen. You’re not going to feel good all the time, or positive every single day. I feel grateful every single day even if I’m sad, or hurt, or something crazy happens, l always try to remember to be grateful. It’s all about perspective. My overarching goal, of course, is to stay positive and think positively, but that’s just not how life works. Check in on where you are, what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way, and then allow yourself to feel those emotions. Then, take a breath and remind yourself what you’re grateful for.  I always like to make a checklist of the things I feel grateful for. The list can be, I’m happy to be here, or I’m grateful for my family, etc. You don’t have to force yourself to feel happy all the time and just letting all that go immediately makes me feel better. It’s the craziest feeling, acknowledging that not everything is going to be perfect every day and that there will be bad days.”

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