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Lipstick on the Rim: The Secrets Behind Emma Stone’s Red Carpet-Ready Skin, Noninvasive Techniques Every Woman Should Use to Get Snatched, At-Home Facial Tricks, and More with Celebrity Facialist and The Beauty Sandwich Founder Iván Pol


Ever wonder how all your favorite celebrities seem to have perfect, dewy, glass skin on the red carpet? The answer is simple: Iván Pol. This week on Lipstick on the Rim, he’s sharing all his secrets. The former makeup artist turned facialist talks us through his iconic Beauty Sandwich Facial, how you can achieve results at home, and even shares some of his best-kept makeup secrets for achieving a snatched, defined, and lifted look (hint: it involves using your eyebrow gel on your cheeks—you’ll have to listen to find out how that works)!

[Iván] On His Skincare Do’s and Dont’s

“Stop being aggressive with your skin, and stop being so macro with that tiny little line that’s bothering you. Especially don’t be aggressive with any at-home products or treatments. Take a step back and look at the whole picture. It’s really important that you eat whole foods. Hydration is key, I drink Hallstein water every morning with a little bit of added salt, it’s really great for hydration. I also take Iodine because it stimulates and ensures that you have great metabolism. We need to make our body alkaline. We drink a lot of acid like coffee and alcohol, so to cure our bodies, we need to bring that alkalinity back into our bodies. In addition to Iodine, I also take Vitamin D and I’m really into peptides. Peptides are the future, they’re really important proteins, that you can even put into your skincare products. I take BPC 157 because it helps with inflammation. All in all, it all goes back to functionality. What can put in our body that can help the function of our body and then essentially, translate and trickle down into the skin?”

[Iván] On Makeup Hacks

“I work with the best makeup artists in the world, and when they look at a face, they’re subtracting instead of adding. It always goes back to enhancing. What are the little things I can do to elevate this person’s beauty?  It’s all about sculpting. So something I do all the time is I’ll take brow gel and with the tip of it, I’ll contour my jawline. I’ll use a colored brow gel, a very light color one, almost like a taupe, instead of a contour stick. So I take that and starting under my chin, will pull it up my jawline like a ‘v.’ You can also do it with a blush tint. Chanel’s blush in Vital Beige is between gray, pink, mauve, and brown. So you can take that and you can pop it on your cheek, but you can also use that to kind of contour instead of a contour stick. You have to be skilled to use a contour stick. You want it to look as natural as possible. I’m also really into lip plumpers. I love the one by Dr. Lara Devgan. She also has an amazing mascara. What I can’t live without is brow gel. Anastasia makes that incredible laminate brow gel, and it really can open up your eyes, kind of giving  you that immediate snatch.”

[Iván] On The Best At-Home Tool to Get Snatched

“My favorite at-home tool, I love because of the science. Everything that I do is really based on science. That’s why it’s been so effective and why the treatment really works. I’m really into the Lyma. It’s not an RF (radio frequency) tool, but it’s going to go all the way down to the bone and up. It’s really going to heal your skin. It’s goes into the matrix of the skin, the layers below, which is what creates the change. If you’re going to invest in a tool, I say go for it all the way. You need to invest 20 to 30 minutes every day for 16 weeks. By staying consistent, every day, the Lyma will boost your skin’s response to heal.”

Iván’s Must-Haves:

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