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Lipstick on the Rim: How to Curate Your Top Shelf, The Secret to Getting Rid of Under Eye Bags, Spotting Vitamin Deficiencies in Your Skin, The Truth About Retinal, and More with Knockout Beauty’s Cayli Cavaco Reck


It’s no surprise Cayli Cavaco Reck is the daughter of two former Vogue editors given her knack for curation and impeccable taste. What began as a passion project on Instagram, called Knocking 40, has since blossomed into Knockout Beauty, a thriving boutique retail space and bespoke skincare consultancy with six locations and counting. Cayli shares with us the extensive and detailed process she undergoes to curate her store, delves into beauty secrets and their connection to wellness, reveals her absolute go-to skincare products, and even provides insider tips on how to get rid of dark circles. P.S. We recommend listening with a pencil and paper (and credit card) in hand.

[Cayli] On How She Became Interested in Beauty

“I think it [my interest in beauty] originally started as a young girl being backstage and on set with my parents. When you are with your parents, especially in the fashion and beauty world, you’re with the hair and makeup artists. So I found myself just mesmerized by watching these incredible artists transform these beautiful girls into almost works of art. It was just an inspiring thing to see as a young person. As I got older and my skin started to change and I experienced breakouts, I became curious about skin. Wellness and it’s tie-in with skin really started from my mom who was diagnosed with cancer when I was young. Her drilling into my mind that your skin is your largest organ, and that it is the gateway to your health, began at a very young age.”

[Cayli] On Acne and Deficiencies

“I don’t give medical advice, but I think that most of what we experience as skin concerns are actually related to deficiencies. The under-eye is often connected to a vitamin K deficiency. As for acne, vitamin A is really the core part of accutane, in fact it is a very high dose of vitamin A. So when we’re talking about skin and the upset around acne or blemishes or whatever, they’re all connected to a vitamin A deficiency. Before we get into loading our skin or body up with a high dose of vitamin A, we want to slowly introduce vitamin A.  One way to get there quickly for people is accutane, but it’s not necessarily the best way.

[Cayli] On Daytime Skincare

“Wash your face morning and night, especially if you’re using actives on your skin at night. Going in the sun with actives on your face from the night before is not good for your skin. It also doesn’t prime your skin to accept any of the critical ingredients for great skin. During the day, you want to apply products that are going to be doing some work. You’re awake for a long part of the day,  longer than you’re sleeping for the most people. So, that’s the time when your skin can actually do a lot of heavy lifting as well. A lot of those molecules from products you apply are quite small, and they will not be able to penetrate into an unwashed face. Having a topical antioxidant every day during the day is actually critical. Vitamin A and C both have antioxidant properties and are some of my favorites. You want something that is strong to protect you while simultaneously actually making a little bit of change. You want a micro change every day and it’s that cumulative effect that creates the results you want.”

Cayli’s Must-Haves:

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