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Lipstick on the Rim: Episode 100: Molly and Emese Tell Us Everything


We did it. Can you believe it? 100. One-hundred! It’s a big number. We’re in awe that we’ve gotten to this point. So many guests, so many topics. So much growth. We want to take this time to thank you, our listeners, our community, for the support, for the love, for tuning in. This episode is dedicated to taking a pause, reflecting, and relishing in the last 100 episodes. Today, it’s just us, chatting about favorite guests, impactful life moments, and more. There’s so much in store ahead and we’re truly grateful to be on this journey together. As always, we can’t wait to see you next week.

[Molly] On 100 Episodes

“We’ve had amazing guests on. When we started this podcast we didn’t know if it would work but it’s so fun, still. I’m always so inspired—I feel like we’re back in school. We get to talk to such amazing experts. I love when our guests give us knowledge whether it’s about wellness or health or something funny and super superficial. We do love digging and trying products and finding out new things—where to go, who to go to.”

[Emese] On 100 Episodes

“It went by so fast. We’ve been learning as we go. What I love most about these last 100 episodes is that I feel like I’ve been on the journey the same way our listeners have, taking notes the same way, and really listening to what our guest’s have said and applying them to my life the way I hope our listener’s do. I’ve applied so much of it to my life and I’ve seen physical changes. Truly I am a better version of myself 100 episodes later—that’s my barometer. If I look at myself where I was 100 episodes ago, to where I am today, I am a different person.”

Molly and Emese’s Beauty Must-Haves:


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