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Lipstick on the Rim: The Blonde Files’ Arielle Lorre Talks Addiction, Her Dialed-In Wellness Routine, and Every Beauty Treatment She’s Tried


Arielle Lorre has been on one hell of a ride. Like many struggling with drugs and alcohol, hitting rock bottom was her wake up call—and she attributes it to saving her life. At the ripe age of 28, she completely started over and hasn’t looked back. It required some serious TLC but with the right devotion, on her own terms, she finally got there. Now, Arielle is living her best life. Sober, she’s committed to all things health and wellness. From transcendental meditation to clean eating and aiming to get in 12K steps a day, she’s truly the poster child for self-care. Oh and did we mention we love her podcast, The Blonde Files? It’s definitely worth a listen, maybe even two or three.

[Arielle] On Her Past Struggle with Addiction

“It’s kind of wild to look at where I am today and when I got sober which was eight years ago. I started drinking when I was around 17 in high school. When I found alcohol it was the thing I had been searching for my entire life. I didn’t know I was missing something and was so uncomfortable in my skin until I drank for the first time. Drugs became a big part of my story as well. From that time to when I got sober at 28, it was a really scary progression of the disease of alcoholism. It was my medicine and solution to life. I talk about that a lot. It quieted the incessant voice in my head. Each time I went to rehab I attributed the problems in my life to something else. It got so unmanageable I couldn’t function without these things in my system. I didn’t want to be doing that—I think that’s sometimes what people miss about addicts. I just didn’t know how to stop and I was too ashamed to ask for help. When I hit rock bottom, something happened to me in that moment and I knew I was done. There was no denial anymore and I knew I could never drink or do drugs again. I had no clue what my life would look like. I had nothing which was actually kind of a good thing.”

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.”

[Arielle] On Her Daily Non-Negotiables

“Meditation is definitely a non-negotiable. Even just having a few minutes of stillness or a few minutes to yourself, especially now, because we all get distracted so easily. My wellness approach is very flexible. It changes all the time. I used to have a very rigid approach but I realized what worked for me six months ago, doesn’t necessarily work for me now. I learned how to really tune into myself and meditation definitely helps with that. I’ll make my matcha and do TM for 20 minutes, twice a day. I usually do my steps. I started working with a trainer last fall. He had me do 12K steps a day which I know can be daunting but it’s more about having a goal. And then I do Pilates. I make a “protein oat blob” a lot. It’s just protein, oats, and a bunch of toppings. You have to make it so it’s kind of thick (use less water). At night I’m really good at staying off my phone. I always say: a nighttime routine is more important than a morning routine because I if don’t sleep well I’m unraveling the next day.”

[Arielle] On Her Favorite Treatments

“I am very face obsessed. I have done a lot of lasers. I’ve done so much damage to my skin when I was younger, now I’m trying to retroactively erase everything. I’ve found IPL and Fraxel are really good for sun damage. It gives me baby skin. The before and after photos are bananas. My facialist put me on a new skincare regiment—Jan Marini. It’s a whole system. Botox was also incredible because I had so many static lines.”

Arielle’s Beauty Must-Haves

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