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Lipstick on the Rim: Queen of the Murder Podcast, Brooke Mahan Curates Your Summer Lineup


 You might know Brooke Mahan from the Youtube sensation “WhatsUpMoms.” Most recently, she founded the seriously fun party game, “Do You Know Me?” which we highly recommend whipping out at your next intimate gathering. But she’s also so much more. This mom of two is a true crime extraordinaire—and if that sounds uncharacteristic to you, that’s what makes her all the more interesting. If there’s a murder case, she’s on it. If there’s a podcast to know, she’s listened to it—and is inevitably the expert before it goes viral. No story goes unturned with Brooke—and she’s here to share her absolute favorites. Of course, we dive into her beauty routine too and learn how she got those perfect teeth and and that beautiful blonde flowing hair. So cue your summer lineup, she’s got you covered for every car ride, beach excursion, pool dip, and so much more. 

[Brooke] On Murder Podcasts

“My all-time favorite true crime podcast is either the first season of “Up and Vanished” or “To Live and Die in L.A” which was being aired as it was happening. It unfolds with the resolution. Another good one which is old is called “Cover-Up,” about Chappaquiddick. It’s really fascinating and really well done. “Long Island Serial Killer” is another good one that I feel like might not be as well known. The thing I find so interesting is the “why.” A lot of these are unsolved mysteries. I think as moms we listen to these because we’re sort of like detectives in our everyday lives. I always think if I really pay attention, I can solve this. I have not solved one yet but I’m close. I think we also listen to things as a “what not to do.” Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” was the real gateway into true crime. I like “Crime Junkie” which is probably the most popular true crime podcast. They’re really good about giving updates when new evidence is found.”

Brooke’s Top 10:

1. To Live and Die in L.A.

2. Up and Vanished

3. Cover-Up

4. Bear Brook

5. Long Island Serial Killer

6. The Thing About Pam

7. Man in the Window

8. Over My Dead Body

9. Crime Junkie

10. O.C. Swingers

[Brooke] On “WhatsUpMoms”

“Most people know us from our parenting platform and Youtube channel “WhatsUpMoms.” We started before Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. We were really just creating this cool content that was similar to what you would read on a mom blog but in video form. We got lucky really early on and did this parody of the Iggy Azalea song “I’m So Pregnant” when my partner was actually 9 months pregnant. I think it has 75 million views. We did a bunch of parodies and then did a lot of evergreen content as well. This was early days of Pinterest so we were doing DIYS. My claim to fame is that I was probably one of the first five people to make slime on Instagram.”

[Brooke] On “Do You Know Me”

“This is the one thing I’m really proud of—my husband and I made this game up called “Do You Know Me?” He doesn’t drink and we were getting to the point in our lives with our kids where we had to go to a lot of dinners with people we didn’t know, or business dinners. We would make a list of questions on our phones, super simple, not open ended that would put people on the spot. Just yes or no. Then we thought: what’s funnier than making the person answer the question is seeing what everyone thinks. Especially someone you’ve just met five minutes ago. It became this thing we would do especially while waiting for food at a dinner. It’s a really fun game.”

Brooks’ Beauty Must-Haves

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